Green Your Lab

Win-Win Innovation for a Sustainable Future

About Us

Green Your Lab is a non-profit team of scientists and engineers passionate about sustainability. 

We partner with industrial and academic labs to help you achieve your sustainability goals. 

By increasing energy efficiency, decreasing water usage and minimizing waste, we can help you minimize your carbon footprint without compromising good science.

Our expertise covers 

  • Biosafety Level 1 & 2 Labs
  • Chemistry Labs
  • Polymer and Nanotechnology Labs
  • Cosmetics R&D Labs
  • Consumer Goods R&D Labs
  • Pilot Plants & Manufacturing Processes

Our Services

Green Your Lab Workshops and Training

Workshops & Training

We provide introductory and tailored workshops on sustainable best practices to help your team get engaged, motivated and empowered to bring Your Green Lab to life

Green Your Lab Audit and Action Plan with benchmarking

Audit and Action Plan

We provide audits to evaluate the current state of your lab covering waste, water and energy to help identify meaningful opportunities. We can also help install quantifying measures to benchmark and track progress, determine scienced-based targets and develop a strategy plan

Green Your Lab Projection Implementation Consulting

Project Implementation

Sustainability is our passion. Let us help you manage and execute the strategy plan. Combine your team with our expertise to ensure your sustainability goals are achieved

As a nonprofit, we provide all of our services free of charge or at-cost

Green Lab Tips

Green Your Lab Fumehood shut the sash energy


Fumehoods can consume as much energy as 3.5 homes

  • Shut the Sash
  • Turn it off when not in use
  • Don't use it for storage
Green Your Lab Turn off equipment at night

Turn off Equipment at Night

Turning equipment off during nights and weekends saves energy by 75%

  • Mark equipment that can be safely turned off
  • Start a switch-off rota with your team to turn things off at 5pm
  • Install automatic timed switches
Green Your Lab fridges and freezers energy -70C

Fridges and Freezers

  • Add a fridge/freezer map to locate samples faster
  • Defrost regularly
  • Do an annual sample clearout
  • Vacuum coils to avoid dust buildup
  • Turn your freezer up to -70°C vs -80°C and -20°C vs -30°C.

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